Introducing GDF

GDF is a professional association which brings together managers to exchange ideas and share values, enriching their professional profile and strengthening their participation in the FIAT Group. It provides a forum for members which is autonomous and independent of financial, political or trade union influences.
Currently, there are more than 3,000 members from each regional chapter around Italy (Turin, Milan, Rome, Modena, Naples, Adriatic) and Brazil (Nova Lima).

Being part of GDF means collaborating in the realisation of the mission to cultivate synergies between “dirigenti”, the Group and society, interpreting Fiat values in the context of both social and industrial development.

Within GDF, the “Junior Dirigenti” project aims to help the Association remain youthful through activities focused primarily on managers that have recently joined the Group or been promoted.

The Association has always been attentive to youth, organising numerous initiatives such as defensive driving courses and scholastic orientation programmes. In addition, GDF offers the opportunity to participate in cultural activities, concerts, events and exhibitions and to benefit from a series of special rates and discounts for a variety of items such as eyeware, jewellery, leather goods and antiques.

Joining GDF is entirely voluntary and membership is open to all current Fiat Group “Dirigenti” as well as those who have recently left the Group.