The aims of GDF

By playing a leadership role which extends beyond the Group, GDF aims to increase synergies between “dirigenti”, the Group and society, interpreting FIAT values in the context of both social and industrial development. To this end, GDF seeks to:

Enhance the Industrial Culture
by participating in debates on topics of major interest to business and society

Create an observatory/laboratory for managerial, technological and socio-economic change
by identifying indicators of change and helping translate them into management models

Foster and develop responsibility and socially-related initiatives
by developing models which incorporate a social dimension and adopting a people-centred approach

Promote a pro-active approach to management
making the role of the corporate manager a contributing factor to economic growth and social development

Provide opportunities and tools for personal and professional development
by using learning organization systems to develop tools which can capitalize on experience gained over time to supplement on-going professional development programmes

Reinforce the sense of belonging to the FIAT Group
by developing links between professionals and their families, organising social occasions and events aimed at strengthening personal relationships

Defend the interests of members
by providing adequate tools to access information, promoting internal and external support and offering other tangible benefits