Thirty years of GDF
  More than 30 years have passed since the birth of GDF on the 4th of October 1974. GDF is a professional association representing “dirigenti” in both Italy and abroad and today counts more than 3,000 members who exchange views, share values and work in synergy, interpreting FIAT values in the context of social and industrial development. Since its establishment, in the context of its socio-political comm​​​itment and the definition of its role within the Group and society, GDF has developed proposals and initiatives which have been true reflections of Fiat’s history, during both times of success and more difficult moments.
At the first census, there were 1,460 registered members, a number that has grown considerably. Over the years, its members have witnessed a series of important and dramatic events: the kidnapping of Ettore Amerio; the assassination of Carlo Ghiglieno by the Red Brigades in September 1979 and the establishment of a Scholarship Grant in his honour the following year; the “March of the 40,000” in October 1980; the expansion of the Association with the opening of regional chapters in Rome (1987), Modena and Milan (1988), Naples (1990) and Brazil (2002), giving birth in 1998 to the experiences of professional volunteers. Over time, the attention of the GDF was increasingly focused on youth with activities dedicated to scholastic orientation, defensive driving courses and the “Testimonianze nelle Scuole” project (a project under which GDF members give personal accounts of their experiences as “dirigenti” to school students).
GDF members actively participate in projects for the development and internationalisation of Turin and the Piedmont region. They contribute to these projects with know-how and engineering skills, demonstrating the level of professional competence of our members in the automotive sector. Specific working groups, formed on the basis of the professional skills and leadership qualities of their participants, are the principal resource on which the company relies to increase its competitiveness as well as being a path for each individual to pursue professional excellence.
Constant attention is devoted to health and welfare issues through innovative tools which are increasingly considered benchmarks in Italy and high visibility is maintained through meetings and conferences attended by highly respected personalities, economists, opinion leaders and politicians. On numerous occasions, both Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli expressed their high regard and support for the activities of our Association, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary with the presentation to members of a publication commemorating some of the milestones in the Association’s history.​​