Young Executives Group

The Young Executives Group is a vital part of the Fiat Executives Group. Its function is to meet the needs expressed by members under forty-five years of age, with a particular focus on sharing experience and enthusiasm. Its main goal is to identify and implement specific measures aimed at a particular target: recently promoted or hired executives. The various initiatives conceived to transmit and create renewed group spirit have included various meetings with representatives of Fiat’s top management, visits to particularly significant production facilities and participation in debates on important issues of interest to the company.

Yet we prefer not to limit our creativity: we want to work together with all members to build a Fiat Executives Group that is a training ground for testing out innovations that can then be spread to the entire company. We believe that young executives are already starting to build the future: today!
We are currently conducting an analysis – based on interviews and spontaneous contributions – of the services that the Fiat Executives Group could offer currently employed members, partly with the aim of stimulating the enrolment of new members

If you would like further information regarding the Young Executives Group or would like to contribute yourself, please contact Fabiana Bobba, vice-president of the Fiat Executives Group, by calling 011. 0041067 or writing to